The Earned Life!

Hastings Digital worked closely with Marshall Goldsmith on the launch of his latest book The Earned Life. It has been a huge success!

The Earned Life is a New York Times Best Seller, one of the Best Books on Amazon of 2022 and and an Apple Books pick of the month. The Kindle version also reached the Wall Street Journal best seller list.

Managing multiple partners, publishers and outside agencies Hastings was able to drive millions of impressions and tens of thousands of clicks into the Amazon book page and elsewhere in support of the books success.

We are so excited for Marshall and all the people whose lives will be impacted by this powerful book.

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The M&M Show

The Brightest Business Thinkers vs the planet’s Top CEO’s! This is more than a casual chat – it’s a hot-seat challenge! Join the world’s #1 Branding & Culture expert, Martin Lindstrom, and #1 Leadership Coach, Marshall Goldsmith, as they moderate the all-new M&M Show. (Popcorn not included).

Valize by Rita Mcgrath

Great organizations don’t go into decline because they don’t have smart people or great capabilities They decline because somewhere along the line they couldn’t get innovations past the gravity of the core business. And a big reason for that is that people don’t know how to innovate.

Methods of Leaders

Methods of 100 Coaches is an online leadership education platform that features high-quality, interactive courseware taught by the world’s top leadership educators, coaches, and thought leaders.