Fueled by their content partnership Udemy For Business the largest eLearning Platform with over 30 million students worldwide Hastings is developing a multi platform eLearning network that manages and distributes online learning courses from top thought leaders using the marketing power of a vast leadership network led by publishing houses, speaker agencies and content distribution networks.

Much like the Multi Channel Networks that dominate the YouTube landscape we will work closely with both instructor and platform to write, shoot, edit, manage and distribute multiple courses across disciplines and across online learning platforms. The MPLN will cross promote content using the marketing power of the Instructors, publishers and agencies tens of millions of followers across social networks and email newsletters. These networks will be utilized as a whole where instructors can mutually benefit from the audiences of each other.‚Äč

Check out the course below that are live and reach out to us for a discount code!

Marshall Goldsmith
Leadership masterclass
Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
think strategically!
Chester Elton
all in culture!
How Women Rise!
how women rise!
Tasha Eurich
coming soon!